Building color problem ("Unknown zone" or "Zone inconnue")


I just discover an easy way to use OSM data on MapSource. I was pretty happy, then I discovered TYP file happiness !
In fact, I use that TYP file :, which is supposed to mimic national geographic institute mode of representation, here in France.

I installed it on MapSource on OSM data, almost all stuff has changed its colors, but not the buildings. This TYP file doesn’t seem able to change building colors. Moreover, OSM data represent buildings as unknown zone (“Zone inconnue” in French).

My question is : what should I change in the TYP file to control those building colors

Thanks for any hint !

PS :
to create auto-installer of OSM maps for MapSource, I use :
to edit TYP files, I use :
to install TYP files on MapSource data, I use MapSetToolKit
I use MapSource in its last version (downloaded yesterday from Garmin website)

It kind of depends on where you’re getting your Garmin maps from. Think of it as a two step process:

  1. Convert OSM data into Garmin objects inside a Garmin IMG file (e.g. using mkgmap as Lambertus does)
  2. Use a TYP file to control how the Garmin objects are displayed on your particular GPS device

Generally, there are two types of TYP file:

  • Ones that are designed to work with generic Garmin maps (e.g. those created by Lambertus, using the default mkgmap style)
  • Ones that are designed to work with customised styles (e.g. my one here: and won’t work properly unless you match them up

If you are using Lambertus’ maps, I seem to recall that he deliberately removed building objects (thus making them almost-default-style), which is why you won’t be able to see them. You would need to be rolling your own map, or downloading them from another source, in order to be able to display buildings.

If you’ve got to the stage of familiarity with TYP files, then learning how to use mkgmap is only a small extra step and infinitely rewarding! :slight_smile:

Great stuff Charlie. Thanks!

I notice that your type file caters for various types of buildings, all of them black - even the patterns, ie 10f subtype 08, so they don’t show up!
However,all of them are fairly high up in the typ numbering;
buildings are generally 0x13, which ,in your case, is defined as a white ; perhaps experiment with a different colour?