building=apartments doesn't render in Carto

Hi all

I don’t know if this is desired behaviour:

building=apartments does not render as a building, rather as a landuse area :

Perhaps adding building=yes would force it to? (I’ve tried that here: just waiting for tiles)

The pre-fill options in iD don’t include building=yes

If these are bugs I’ll report them. If not, do let me know.



It’s properly visible as a building, but it is located on another building:

What is the situation there? Is it a building inside/on top of another building or just a bad tagging?

Here’s the image: it’s a building on top of a building.

The thing is, I had the same issue with this simpler building here (and its near neighbour):

You can see the original rendering on the right hand side here:

After adding building=yes, that building renders as on the left hand side in that image.

So I guess the question is, are the iD presets for apartments correct, given that they appear to produce a building that doesn’t render?

When you first added that building, it only had the tags landuse=residential and residential=apartments. It didn’t have a building tag, so it makes sense that it wasn’t rendered as a building. Now that you’ve added the building tag, it does.

building=apartments renders just fine, as do virtually all values of building=* (kocio would know which values, if any, are intentionally not rendered). If the iD preset is adding building=apartments, then I don’t see an issue.

Ah! I see.

I’d used iD’s suggestion to tag it ‘Apartment complex’, which gives the tags first identified:

I didn’t realise the presets also offer ‘Apartment building’, which is what you’re saying renders properly:

(Sorry, I know that’s the tag I referred to in the original post: thinking there was just one preset, I assumed iD had put that tag in since it’s the right tag in the wiki for ‘apartments’)

So, thanks.

I’ve updated the wiki to disambiguate - comments (or reverts) welcome.

This tagging is not made to be used for each single building, but for the area on which the buildings are standing (here the buildings are used for apartments).
You couldn’t see anything new on the map after adding landuse=residential here for the first time, because there is a larger landuse=residential (relation ) in this town, which is drawn with the same colour as your input on the OSM Standard Map.

I think iD is right, but there can be a misunderstanding if you see: a) the area on which there are apartments or b) the apartment buildings themself. Here the iD developpers thought at case a).

Thanks, that’s helpful.