Build API on own openstreetmap

HI All,

Anyone could tell me more about how to build API on my own openstreetmap planet ?
i want to build API in order to my planet accessable by other application or devices.

Anyone could help me ?

Please give an example of at least one api that you would like to implement.

i want to create API like on google time i want to make android devices can access my map via API

i got some reference from #osm channel this morning.They tell me that to make accessable my Tile Server map on android device, it’s don’t need an API.It’s only need :

But i dunno how to configure url to point to my own map (my own tile server)

Anyone could help me, please

You probably have to edit and either change the tile server URL to yours or add an additional source. Just a guess.

i have change some url and point it to my tile server,i change on Mapnik layer.but when i take a test with stop apache2 service on my tile server while i access mapnik later on osmndroid via android emulator, it’s still working.osmndroid still show the map for Mapnik layer.How about it ?is it effective way to test my modification ?


any suggesstions ?


which one better and simpler between XAPI or Overpass API ?