Bugs (in my opinion) in Potlach

I write this message because I’m directed to this forum. They said me to post bugs here, cause posting it in TRAC would spent a lot of time.

I noted the next three bugs:

  1. Using CTRL + T on a selected way, and CTRL + Z (undo) afterways, then the junctions are not replaced as before using the tidy-function. You’ve to repaint the junctions in that (part of) the way.
  2. Often the paintmode, is not being closed at doubleclick. Often this is the case when you started in a black point.
  3. With CTRL + T (tidy) points that are being deleted (most times red) are often converted to points. The same for undo after CTRL + T (tidy) of an area or closed way, such like a roundabout.

Thanks for the report, though trac is better - there are lots of places where OSM can be discussed and I don’t really have the time to keep track of bug reports in all of them.

If you could put these in a trac ticket I’d be grateful. In particular, please say whether you’re using “Edit with save” or “Edit live”, and if you could provide steps to reproduce for number 2 that would help.

You don’t have to press CTRL by the way. :slight_smile: