bridge/tunnel name?


Is there a specific name tag for bridges & tunnels so it?

for example:

name= Great Western Main Line
tunnel_name=Box Tunnel

I realize I can tag it as that but I’m surprise there’s been nothing official unless of course I’m missing something!

Dave F.

There’s been some discussion about moving toward a relation-based model for railway infrastructure (as well as for train routes). This removes the need for each section of railway to be named as part of the GWML. In practice it doesn’t really matter much anyway. I always just tag the way with the name tag of the tunnel or bridge/viaduct etc.

Won’t using the name=* for the name of the bridge/tunnel break the way for routing purposes?

GWR->GWR->Box Tunnel->GWR etc…

Yes, that’s right which is partly why there’s some discussion about using relations to group infrastructure.

Routing isn’t really that useful on train tracks - you can’t walk along them, or drive along them for example. The only things that are routed along them are trains and train operators would know the names of the tunnels etc. The relation-based model would even solve it for that last group of users.

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Hehe, I just read my mail and saw your messages to Talk-Transit. :slight_smile: