bridge blocked for bycicles

Can anyone help me. With i tried to make a cycle route and for unknown reason (for me at least) the route blocks a certain bridge, of which i know is accessable for bycicles.

It is the bridge that you see when coming from the south (zuidzijderweg) crossing the bridge to enter the cycle road West from the highway A4.

In openstreetmaps edit mode i tried to check the characteristics of the bridge but i couldn’t see anything wrong.

Can someone please help me?

Data seems to be fine:

In Version#1 the way had access=no ( Maybe uses old data?

btw: Ways from and to the bridge still have layer=1 which is unnecessary.

I have a similar problem with two bridges in Motala Sweden: komoot does not route bicycles over them. Both of them, and your bridge as well have bridge:movable=* - maybe this causes the problem?