Bridge and footpath routing

I’ve added a missing bridge and connecting footpath (my first contribution), but have a couple of questions regarding directions not working properly I could do with some experts taking a look at:

  1. Directions work from east to west via bike (graphhopper) work correctly, but not the other way:

Is this because the footpath on the east side joins the one way part of the road? If so, what should I do? There is still some pavement on that part, should that be added in addition to the road and join up with the two way part of the road?

  1. It doesn’t work on foot (graphhopper):

Is the tagging correct for the bridge to allow this, or is related to the one way part of the road mentioned above?

Here’s the changes I made:


On the second point, perhaps the issue is that Graphhopper is choosing the shortest route, which I think from that starting point is the more northerly route? Moving the starting point onto the footpath does seem to route via the footpath - I think it is coincidence that the start of the path is almost exactly the point where the two routes have the same distance.

Thanks for looking. I couldn’t seem to start the route on the footpath, it always snapped to the roads. I realise now, you can drag the start point and you’re right, it does route. It does seem like the northerly route is slightly shorter. It doesn’t look like it, but once you factor in the ascent on the bridge and going back on yourself up the ramp, I guess it is.