Boundaries of state parks, national parks and other reserves


Has anyone looked into sources for establishing the boundaries of parks? Is it possible to use maps published by parks victoria to establish these boundaries?


Neil Penman

is this a copywrite question on these maps? or a question on boundries…
I think if the map is copywrite’d then I guess the answer is there, unless the Govt allow access to that source.

The question is on the boundaries and what methods we can use to establish them. It is possible to do this more or less by survey. Work your way around the park mark all the signs indicating its start and then fill in the gaps perhaps using Yahoo satellite imagery to skirt around towns. Is this what people are using?

However further accuracy could be obtained by using the maps published by the various government parks departments as a guide. So I was also wondering if anyone has already approached these departments to determine what copyright restrictions are placed on the park boundaries. If no one has then I’m happy to do that and try and get a letter that confirms the status of these boundaries.



I’m not sure , you could post a message to the mailing list a this is a new forum and possibly someone on the talk-au mailing list might know more.