Boundaries in Curaçao

Disclaimer: This question has been posted on the mailing list but it was recommended to discuss it here.

Hi there,

I’m looking at Curaçao and was checking the boundaries finding that admin_level=8 seems to be pretty nicely tagged. But how can I find the boundary of Willemstadt? Is there a consensus of how to use admin_level=* in Curaçao?


I don’t think there has been discussion about admin_levels in Curaçao. All these boundaries seem to be added by one user based on government information. There is not much information online about administrative divisions in Curaçao. So it’s unclear to me what is tagged with admin_level=8.

You want to find the boundary of Willemstad. The question would be whether Willemstad has a local government with administrative boundaries. If it hasn’t, there won’t be a boundary in OSM.

The admin_level=8-areas in Curacao have a source-tag that says “” which is actually a URL [1]. I couldn’t open the map viewer nor could I find any information about the license.

Is any body able to access those maps?


This viewer works for me in Internet Explorer with Silverlight installed:
The regular viewer (‘Publieke site’) gives an error. Both viewers don’t work in Microsoft Edge. Mind you, Silverlight is end-of-life.

Nice, the Professionele Site works, indee. Was anybody able to determine the licence of the maps?

I haven’t looked at that, but it should be available on the website.

I honestly couldn’t find anything on the website. Is there anybody capable to write a dutch E-Mail (I don’t speak dutch, sorry) and would mind asking wether we can use those maps for OSM?

You can write them in English, it’s an official language of Curaçao.

Thanks, I wrote an E-Mail. Let’s see how the government reacts.