Bornholmer Strabe name on Bosebrucke Bridge changes to Bosebrucke


In regards to the segment above. Street level mapillary imagery shows there are signs on this bridge that call it Bornholmer Strabe

But the name is Bosebruke Strabe, is there any reason? Can I update these segments to Bornholmer Strabe, or is this incorrect and there is a reason it is still named Bosebruke Strabe despite the adjacent segments being called Bornholmer Strabe?

I apologize if this question seems small for a forum post, but this is a high traffic area and I want to take every pre caution.



In Bezug auf das obige Segment. Mapillary-Bilder auf Straßenniveau zeigen, dass es auf dieser Brücke Zeichen gibt, die sie Bornholmer Strabe nennen

Aber der Name ist Bosebruke Strabe, gibt es einen Grund? Kann ich diese Abschnitte auf Bornholmer Strabe aktualisieren, oder ist das falsch und es gibt einen Grund, warum es immer noch Bosebruke Strabe heißt, obwohl die angrenzenden Segmente Bornholmer Strabe heißen?

Ich entschuldige mich, wenn diese Frage für einen Forumpost klein erscheint, aber dies ist ein Gebiet mit hohem Traffic und ich möchte jede Vorwarnung nehmen.


Bornholmer Straße ist the name of the subway station that can be reached from the bridge, not the name of the bridge.

It basically comes down to the question of how a street on a bridge is named. Let’s have a look at the picture a few meters east ( This is the only street sign on this bridge. The thing is, that Bornholmer Straße continues until Grüntaler Straße. There are no street signs indicating a change of street names before or after the bridge. This sign is the only one. I have lived in this area for quite some time now and the funny thing is that this street sign was pointing in the other direction once (before they redid the memorial site next to it).

Anyway, the official Geoportal Berlin / Detailnetz Berlin has two sets of data for this section. Although it shows “Bösebrücke” as a street name it refers to this section only as Bauwerk “Bösebrücke” (Bridge), while also refering to the street section as “Bornholmer Straße”.

In short: I would also argue for the name “Bornholmer Straße” for this street section. Both in terms of on-the-ground validity and official naming.

if you find a word with “Stra_e” on sign, it is very likely “Straße” (engl street) not “Strabe” (word does not exist). The German letter “ß” is sometimes translated to “ss”. So using the letter “b” instead looks very odd. Similar applies to “Brücke” not “Brucke” . Just copy the names you have found in Google, you will get a corrected result back like for
Bosebrucke or
Bornholmer Strabe

I agree, and the man_made=bride below the street can be called name=“Bösebrücke” (separate object).

Similar to this here (and other bridges in Munich)

So there are actual bride factories? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:


I will not edit and fix my original posting, that would change the context of yours.

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ß= alt 225 (Windows)

The street name of the bridge is Bornholmer Straße. The S-Bahn station has the same name. But the name of the bridge building itself is “Bösebrücke”, named since 1948 after the communist resistance fighter Wilhelm Böse. Look here:

Sorry for the late reply,

I apologize for the confusion, i’ll be more careful when dealing with special characters when they are used.

It sounds like there is consensus that the street should be named Bornholmer Straße. I’ll update these segments. I’m very appreciative of the detail that was provided here, thank you for your help, everyone., this feature is lacking the name “Bösebrücke”, Shall I add in name=“Bösebrücke” in the tags? My original question was regarding the street name, but since that is changed, the bridge must be updated as well to preserve the “Bösebrücke” name.

In my opinion: yes. And also the tag loc_name=Bornholmer Brücke should be postet at the bridge, not at the street.