Borders in JOSM

Hi, why is the newest JOSM complaining about the size of the download without the old or earlier working sign of the download area is too big and might be refused by the server in red.
It was a good system to work with looking at the lings changing colours, but now adays no sign at all, just the refusement. It seems to have had a negative change looking at the earlier versions.
Has anyone had an idea or explanation ?

I don’t understand what your title “Borders in JOSM” means in relation to your question.

I don’t see any difference with the downloading tool in JOSM. If you select a BBOX that’s likely to be too large, I get the red warning text as I always have. You may sometimes get an error even when this warning text hasn’t been shown if the area you’re trying to download is dense with OSM data.

Maybe you switched to the Overpass Tab?

Hi Alester, it is just lately that the selectie box might be dense but refuses to start a download without the red warning text in advance.

Perhaps providing a set of steps to reproduce the problem would help?