Border lines too fat in Automotive Mode view

Hi, I’m playing with typ files (using Typviewer) and I noticed a difference on how ways with borders are rendered if compared with the default style, no matter if I define the line border as “BorderWidth=1” it seems the border is rendered too thick when in automotive mode.

Maps are generated with lates mkgmap, same behavour on my Montana and Nuvi-

without specifying any typ file:

with my typ file, look at how residential roads (Type=0x06) have thick borders:

Any hint?

On the other side, when looking at the map overview, ways are rendered with borders as thin as I defined them, also the line width is exaclty as thick as I defined while in the default style it seems to scale appropriately based on the zoom level)
So it seems the way lines are rendered scales in a different way when I use a custom typ.


Here is how the residential (Type=0x06) is defined:

Xpm=“0 0 4 0”
“1 c #FAFAFA
“2 c #999999
“3 c #888888
“4 c #555555

By “automotive view” you probably mean quasi-3D view? You can switch it on/of in settings.

Your problem is not about 3D view but about your particular device. New nuvis have this behavior. They scale roads without border according to zoom level. Outdoor devices don’t do it. Other peculiarity is that nuvi support themes, which can be used to scale roads width, even for roads with borders defined in TYP file.

“Automotive mode” view is the view in the screenshots above, i.e. The one usually used when navigating on a veichle. The behaviour above is the same in my montana or a pretty old nuvi: Roads are scaled in both pictures, however you can see how thick are borders for residentials ways when using my style, although i’m setting 1 pixel width. I’ll have a look at themes, thanks

In “automotive mode” GPS is trying to picture map in quasi 3D view, where picture is magnified at bottom and shrunk at the top. Roads and borders are changed accordingly. Since you have defined road width as 1 pixel and border as 1 pixel too, these proportions are maintained when resizing picture. Yes, this processing is the same for all models. If you don’t like it, change “automotive mode” to standard 2D.

When there is no definition in TYP, GPS decides how to draw a line. This is where you can observe thin border regardless of picture scaling. Roads without TYP definition change their width according to scale in 2D mode too but roads defined in TYP maintain their look and width regardless of scale. New nuvis add one change in processing of TYP definition. If you define a road in TYP as a line without borders, then width of this road is is scaled in 2D mode too.

ok - got it. So there is not a (known) way to create a map with custom street colors but preserving the very same “scaling behaviour” (both for 2D and 3D) and border thickness of “vanilla” maps.

Thanks for the explaination.