Border for City not found on Nominatim

I am in need of the border for a small city that is not available on Nominatim. If I google the city the border is displayed on the Google Map. Is there any way to get the geopoly coordinates for the border onto Nominatim?

TIA for any assistance

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If you tell people what the city is someone might be able to help…

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As a general question, location should not matter, but since you asked… West, MS.

Here you go. I found it by searching for the name using taginfo.

An OSM search (using Nominatim) also finds it for me when I type “west mississippi” into OSM’s search box.

Andy, thanks greatly for your assistance. Now on to getting the towns plotted.

The issue was that the boundary geometry that Andy shared above lacked a boundary relation, which is expected by consumers of boundary data.

I’ve fixed the issue in Changeset: 129760486 | OpenStreetMap.


Andy, thanks for your help. I was able to get the files for the towns that I need. Now to the next problem…

This is the file for one of the towns…

“place_id”: 340354214,
“licence”: “Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL 1.0.”,
“osm_type”: “relation”,
“osm_id”: 14463262,
“boundingbox”: [“33.3158385”,“33.3301954”,"-90.2439633","-90.2270592"],
“lat”: “33.32244735”,
“lon”: “-90.23550950449345”,
“display_name”: “Cruger, Holmes County, Mississippi, 38923, United States”,
“class”: “boundary”,
“type”: “administrative”,
“importance”: 0.4611073642248938,
“icon”: “”,
“geojson”: {
“type”: “Polygon”,
“coordinates”: [

Was there a question here?

Yes… below the file structure.

I don’t see anything after the closing brackets either…

Interesting… This should be below the black area and above the signature line…

(Attachment geopoly_lexington.json is missing)

(Attachment geopoly_holmes.json is missing)

Sorry, but the files were rejected as not being an acceptable type. How can I send them to you?

Perhaps host them somewhere and link to them? Perhaps as a github gist?

Here is a County file…

Here is a link to the use of the County map. My desire is to use the Town files to display the same info as the County map but just for the identified town. Town will also include an additional layer for Businesses. Content is not yet updated for that purpose.

I sent a clip of the two files without all of the coordinates.

Here is the code for the feature I sent in the link…

I figured out the problems with one file working and another not… CACHE. Seems the CTRL-F5 combo doesn’t always work to force a reload. I just added a version number after the call for the file.

Perhaps someone might be better able to assist you if you could describe the problem you’re trying to solve.

It seems none of the files or attachments you’re trying to send by email show up here on Discourse.