Bolt campaigns in Thailand

I have noticed the company Bolt started new contributions in Chiang Mai, mostly adding new minor roads.

I have contacted them in some changeset comments to come to introduce themselves and their new campaigns in Thailand to the community.

As you know, our Thailand wiki describes that every organized editing team should present their OSM campaign in Thailand beforehand so we can identify potential issues and share useful information.

Bolt already uses hashtags and has documented their OSM Activities globally:

Update: while Bolt’s recent contributions look of decent quality, some may be more questionable e.g.

(geometries not really matching roads, and no residential area is visible on any imagery including the cited ESRI)

User Bolt057 in the last few hours has added new service and residential roads in Thailand, Bahrain, Ukraine, and South Africa, so definitely a little concerned, but I am looking forward to hearing from Bolt, and how we can map effectively together.

They introduced themselves now here: