Bodø in Norway "out of phase"


This morning I intended to add town bus route # 12 in Bodø. When adding a new stop en route, I realised that something is wrong. I found oute that the user humbach has earlier this month adjusted large areas in and around the town to arial photo resp. correct gps position. Now the streets of Bodø are “out of phase”, about 50 metres to WSW from correct location. I think that the same goes for large areas in Nordland fylke after humbach’s “corrections”.

I’m not too confident in reversing humbach’s changesets, since some of these are enormous, as # 12631973 with only 11192 nodes. I’d probably cock up during the process.

Have you already asked user:humbach why he moved so much objects and from where he got his reference to know where the objects are exactly?

Where do you know from that the OSM data before was correct?

Aireal photos (even those from Bing) can also have a wrong offset …

I did send a message to humbach some minuts ago. We’ll wait for the answer.

I took a snap shot of an “edit mode” area in Bodø:

It shows the national road 80 and the streets Parkveien and Kongens gate. The background image (OSM Mapquest) shows were the streets were before humbach’s adjusting. The uploaded gps traces were matching quite well to road 80, before the adjustment.

It might be advantageous to undo the changeset as quick as possible for to avoid conflicts. The longer you wait the higher the probability of conflicts with newer edits.


I got an answer from humbach. He wrote that he adjusted the map according to the ships’ positions (gps) in Bodø harbour. I’ll ask him to reverse the changeset.


Bodø is now reverted back. Kiitos (thanks), bumbach!

Tell me about it :slight_smile: I know that Bing images might be “misplaced”, twisted or even badly joined together. A good example of both a twisted and misplaced Bing image is in the Finnish town of Jämsä ( There are two roundabouts at the Central St (Keskuskatu), entered according to gps traces. If you adjust the Bing image according to the western roundabout, then the eastern one is not matching to the Bing image (and vv.). You have to adjust the aireal image in nearly every street corner.

PS. It seems that the Bing images of Jämsä has been enhanced since that area was covered by higher resolution images sometimes last autumn.