What are everyone’s favourite bloopers in other maps? OSM doesn’t have any, I’m sure! :wink:

Apart from the normal paths-as-roads, this is the best I’ve found so far in Google maps. Have a look at the beautifully drawn Simonsway roundabout here …,-4.042969&sspn=13.86131,37.880859&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FSXELgMdIGLd_w&split=0&hq=&ll=53.380122,-2.267523&spn=0.001702,0.006668&z=18

… and then switch to satellite view to see the 1 tiny flaw!

That’s likely outdated rather than totally wrong.

I like in Providence, Rhode Island where the westbound lanes of the new I-195 (motorway) bridge are shown as a named local street. (It was under construction when they got the data, hence the lack of connection at the east end.) OSM shows it correctly, with the old elevated highway now closed and (completely?) demolished.

huge… hehehehe…

Maybe, and that’s what I thought at first but there’s no trace of it on the ground and would have expected some sort of “shadow” had there once been such a large roundabout there. The road definitely isn’t new, unlike the building.

It caught me out actually as I was visiting an office near there. The directions from the map were easy - “come off the motorway and turn left at the roundabout”, except of course that the roundabout isn’t there and the one I did turn left at is quite a bit further on! I was quite lost for a while.

A couple from the area I’ve mapped in detail.
The 2 “roads” from Church Hill to Bonney Croft Lane are are actuall footpaths,-4.042969&sspn=13.86131,37.880859&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FSXELgMdIGLd_w&split=0&hq=&ll=54.123558,-1.194141&spn=0.003345,0.013336&z=17 (where do the POIs come from?? The church is actually north of Church Hill opposite Church Avenue and Restaurant 21 is to the right of where it says Manor Road)

and “Gate Grains Lane” which would seem to run from Hunters Close through the school is another footpath.,-4.042969&sspn=13.86131,37.880859&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FSXELgMdIGLd_w&split=0&hq=&ll=54.116993,-1.191362&spn=0.003345,0.013336&z=17 (warning, slightly colourful language :slight_smile: )

OSM map looks good with the new highway bridge but what’s with that church in the middle of the water a little to the south and east of the bridge?

In my area Google Maps is full of bloopers. Disconnected ways shown as connected and vice versa, ways that have never existed except in the imagination of town planners, parks that have never existed or are in a different location… The list goes on. Local GM is quite inaccurate. Some of it may be there by design.
The real blooper is when…