Blender3d import script support

Hi, first excause me for my cross language post but my french is very bad (c’est male ;))

I contacted Jerome, french author of the ‘blended city’ script for Blender3D. Currently it generates cities using an procedural algorithm but he plays a little bit with OSM and would be glad to get some assistance by someone from the community.

Even if I have experiences with Blender3D(well once upon a time… wink) I lack of Python knowledge, is anybody else interested to buildup a possibility to animate OSM in 3D using this script?

Hi, thanks for your message. Don’t worry, English is fine.

Jerôme is more than welcome to join Talk-fr mailing list and present his project.
I’m confident that he will find interesting technical support there.
It is the most active OSM-related discussion board for French speaking contributors.

Good news for him : as community found a nice way in june 2010 to process cadastre data in a semi-automatic way, the number of buildings in database for France is currently exploding !