Blank Map on Main Index (plus no potluck on potlatch)

I’m new to OSM and seem to have hit a brick wall already…

When I visit the map fails to load - nothing visible except the surrounding page and a blank white expanse where the map should be. The ‘GPS Logs’ tab works fine. Additionally, clicking on the ‘Edit’ tab tells me I haven’t got Flash installed.

I’m running Windows XP SP2 and have tested it with Firefox, Opera 9.mumble, Internet Explorer 7 and they all exhibit the same effect. I’ve ensured that Javascript is enabled in all browsers and have cleared caches and re-installed the latest version of Flash. No joy.

Interestingly, works absolutely fine.

I’m eager to get some of the minor roads around where I live listed, but as I can’t seem to access the map at all it’s a bit of a no-goer.

Any ideas, anyone?


Indeed, I’ve noticed this too. If I log in and get a zoomed in map, it’s fine.