Blackpool, UK

Could anyone tell me why the town name for Blackpool, UK is not appearing until 1km zoom level on

Other major towns like Poulton-le-Fylde and Lytham St Annes start appearing at 10km zoom level!

I did add a geography object usinf JSOM as there was not one there for Blackpool and believe I have added the correct tags.

I also tried moving the geography to a different location but this did not make a difference - in fact the old location is appearing at 1km and 500m zoom levels with the new location not appearing until 200m.

It is depend on renderer
I think some

  1. 2 days could be not enough to update tiles on all zoom level. Try Ctrl-F5 to force reload images
  2. Some near objects suppress label painting

Try to set population tag to get more information for rendering priority.

Blackpool node also is included in the relation
but with wrong role (empty role)

It is very important to add the population tag as well, otherwise the renderer does not know how big that town is. Btw, should Blackpool tagged as town or is it a city? In the Netherlands we see town as a place with a population of ~10.000-100.000. Above this we call it a city.

It looks like it’s a feature with the “standard” map style. Other styles show it OK (see e.g. ).

The relevent bit of the standard style code seems to be around . Unfortunately it’s not very easy to understand what’s happening here (even if you’re familiar with how the style works in general).

The issues list for the style is at - maybe ask there?

It looks like it basically orders places by their population and renders the higher populations before lower ones. If a place doesn’t have a tagged population (like Blackpool), then an assumed value is assigned (100000 for place=city, 1000 for place=town).

Really, 1000? Than Blackpool is as important as a village! :laughing: