Black Park north of Slough - what's the best tag?

Black Park is here. It’s currently mapped as a national park (which it is not). Most of it has trees on it; and those parts are mapped separately. According to the links only a small part of it is nature reserve.

One option is obviously leisure=park (like e.g. Clumber Park). It’s a bit wilder than your average urban park though.

It’s described as a “country park”, so I’d still tag it as leisure=park. Other very large parks like Sutton Park, Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath are also tagged as leisure=park.

Perhaps we could use a park=country_park tag for that extremity and park=parklet at the other?


It’s a Country Park, like Tandle Hill CP or Shotover CP. They’re both tagged as leisure=park despite having a much wilder and more dogwalky aspect to most of them.

Tandle has an adventure playground and a café, Shotover has lumps and bumps in the woods used for BMX stuff and an open area people use for kite flying. They are largely wooded, with walker trails passing through them. Looks like Black Park has much the same character?


A mapper has now set protect_class=2 on it. I’ve commented.