Bits missing in Europe OSM?


I have been trying Lambertus’ map (including The Netherlands) and one downloaded from “ComputerTeddy”, and in both of them the area including Nijmegen is a big white square. Is there some mistake in the data? (Or has Nijmegen been “banned”? :slight_smile: )


Hmm, did not notice it yet but, from what you describe, it seems like Mkgmap has some problems with the area. I’ll keep a log of the next run and see what errors occur.


Any idea what it could be?


Well, my ADSL modem seems to be slowly dying, I’ve only got 800kbs down so just downloading the planet will take more than a day. I think I’ll pass this week :expressionless:

No worries, it is too warm to hurry :slight_smile:


I downloaded netherlands.osm.bz2 from yesterday, and made a Garmin map with mkgmap. There the “Nijmegen” tile was present, but not the one around Tilburg-Breda. So it seems maybe something has been fixed/changed? Or can it also have to do with splitter and mkgmap options?


The last option, I guess. There are a few things different. First I use the planet dump so it’s not likely that splitter places the boundaries at the exact same positions, this means that problem data can be in mine Nijmegen tile and in your Tilburg tile. Then there are the possible differences in the commandline parameters. Hard to say unless you’ve found a hint to the problem in the Mkgmap output?

To be totally correct, it was both the Tilburg and Nijmegen tile which were missing in the images originally mentioned.

The one I made yesterday had Nijmegen, but not Tilburg.

(sorry for the confusion)