Bing sat images correctly adjusted / Bing Maps available for Israel

I released some days ago that bing maps is activated for Israel.
Not sure if this is new but give it a try as the maps look a lot more detailed than google maps in the moment.


What is even more exciting that when I was browsing with Bing and activated the sat images they where not aligned to each other.
The same adjustment that was missing in the bing sat images in Openstreetmap. About 2 - 5 meters difference.

But today I realized that this has been corrected.
All images appear aligned to the streets.

Please check if this is also corrected in your area.

I checked now several cities within bing maps and checked if bing itself is adjusting the streets to the sat images and here are the results:


  • Tveria
  • Netanya
  • Eilat
  • Petah Tikva
  • Raanana
  • Tsfat
  • Tel Aviv
  • Beer Sheva
  • Hadera
  • Zichron
  • Jerusalem (but Openstreetmap elements seems not adjusted correctly)

Not adjusted:

  • Naahiya *(half adjusted, half not. Maybe in progress?): *
    See here :

  • Qiriyat Shemona

  • Kiriat Gat

  • Ashdod

  • Ashkelon

I expect that we also have a update bing material now for Israel.
I think the newest sat image where 2005 - 2009 before and now it is Nov/2010.

check it out by yourself:


I have just today realized that Israel received even more map sat images from Bing in the past weeks.
Because its easier now to have a boundary of missing sat images instead of the other way around I created a way that shows what is missing:

So we have almost all over Israel bing sat image availability.
East of Haifa, South of Haifa, North of Samaria, Arara, Kafr Kara, Baka el Gharbiyya, Jatt could now be mapped with the help of bing.

So if you map in those new areas you are welcome to adjust everything to bing sat images as they dont need any adjustments anymore.