Bing Aerial Imagery - ~10m western problem

The problem of the ~10m western of the map material exists all over Israel.
Its really hard to find a reference point. Anything we can agree on?

use the following buildings for reference to adjust the bing map in the background: (between Akko and Haifa) (Netanya) (east of Haifa)

The best is a narrow way that has many gps tracks uploaded.
Something like a tertiary leading to a popular place, etc.

This is a very good example why we need to keep uploading tracks, and not rely on aerial imagery alone.


A quick tip - background images can be aligned by holding space while dragging the map (potlatch 2).

Does somebody know if it is possible to manually align the Bing imagery in JOSM?

seems like there are people trying to solve this issue in the future:

Hi everybody,

today I tried to add several places and streets with the help of Bing to the map.
And I tried to believe the GPS tracks but they are all different.

I think the best way to have all Bing mappers setup the same way is to have orientation buildings.

Here are some buildings I create for that reason: (between Akko and Haifa) (Netanya) (east of Haifa)

I hope you can add more reference buildings to this thread.

I have the feeling that the skew is slightly different for each area. I usually center the background according to major roads and intersections in the area. This is not based on hard evidence or calculations, just a hunch.

I feel the same, and do the same.
Also, before I align the BING images, I turn on all the gps traces of the area and do some average-by-hand, as sometimes roads are not as good as a gps trace.