Bilingual streets

Unmodified you can mark with special column, and pass this column name for one of parameters.
On github page you have a link to compiled executables and also usage examples.

I think making value empty will remove this tag from osm

@yrtimiD - Thanks for your help!

The update was done in two changesets: 35908519 and 35909345

Here are a few notes in case anyone will want to do similar tasks in the future:

  • Use Overpass Turbo to search and filter the objects of interest.

  • Include a csv format directive, such as

    [out:csv(::id, ::otype, "name", "name:he", "name:en" ; true; "," )];
  • Use “Export” → “Data” → “raw data directly from Overpass API” and “Save as” to a file with a .csv suffix

[/*] [*]Edit the csv file in a spreadsheet editor or a text editor.
  • Replace “@otype” with “@type” in the header

  • Subtract 1 from the values in the “@type” column.
    OverpassTurbo’s otype values are 1 for node, 2 for way, 3 for relation,
    while OsmBulkTools type values are 0 for node, 1 for way, 2 for relation.

  • Edit the values as needed.

  • Removing a value from a tag column removes the tag.

[/*] [*]Use OsmBulkTools to convert the updated cvs file to osm format.
OsmBulkTools --csv-to-osm --id="@id" --type="@type" --in="filename.csv" and --out="filename.osm"

]Use JOSM to upload the update osm file

  • “File” → “Open” the osm file created by OsmBulkTools

  • “File” → “Upload Data”

  • Provide your OSM Username and Password, if requested.

  • Please provide a meaningful comment.

[/*] [/list]

Small correction:
you can use --csv-separator=, parameter for osmconvert to get a really comma-separated-values file.


I’ve updated the summary above.

I’ve also updated Bilingual nodes in changeset 35910828


there’s also a (still somewhat experimental) CSV output available directly from Overpass API. Results can be opened from overpass turbo in LibreOffice, etc. via “Export” → “Data” → “raw data directly from Overpass API”. By default, csv separator is a tab character.

overpass turbo link:


Apparently, you can also set the csv separator.