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You have imported 10.500 Mapillary links to OSM in Norway by now. The use of the Mapillary tag is disputed. I think this effort should be stopped until you seek feedback from the Norwegian OSM community. If you are employed or associated with Mapillary, that should be declared.

I think it does not make sense to have all these links in OSM, beyond occasional links provided by random mappers. Mapillary images are readily available for OSM mappers in the iD and JOSM editors, and to external software developers without the links in OSM. Also, Mapillary is just one source of information for OSM, but it is not common practice to include detailed links to the source in this way.

You have segmented thousands of roads for providing the Mapillary tags, which makes it extremely tedious to maintain the roads, in particular where route relations are involved. Adding the Mapillary tag to just a node would have been a lot better.

Also, you have added the image tag to all Mapillary links, which is just a duplication of the same information, and not recommended by the wiki.

Mapillary is now owned by Facebook, which is a red flag for many OSM mappers.

Images of statues and whatnot are understandable, but this much less so:

I do not cooperate with Mapillary. I create maps that are useful for everyone, not just for mappers. Objects in my photos are often photographed with Zoom. The image key will show the object and the Mapillary key will indicate where the photo was taken. Here are some photo maps that I contributed to. You can see better with the OpenPoiMaps viewer. I don’t have facebook
I also use a different method of adding photos when there are many of them for one object. Example

How is a picture of a dog relevant to map on piece of a fence? (

You keep cutting up all kinds of osm-ways to add pictures things in the foreground of them. Here is a picture of some stone memorials - mapped not on the grave-yard but on the wall in the background. Why not map it on the graveyard?

Why is this photo mapped on a segment of the ferry route below?

I think this behaviour is nonsensical and detrimental to the quality of OSM-data in Norway and it needs to stop, and much, if not most of your now nearly 11.000 edits in Norway should be reverted/removed.

I have to agree. A photo of an object like a statue or something is fine, but splitting ways and adding all kinds of weird images is not.

Please stop splitting highways and other OSM objects! You are making it incredibly difficult for other users to maintain the highways and other objects. You could add a separate unconnected node with the image instead.

Or stop adding this crap to OSM altogether …

I understood the suggestions. I did not know that dividing roads into sections is wrong. From now on, I will only add photos to monuments, graffiti sculptures and buildings. Please do not withdraw my changes as it will take away my motivation to create OSM

This page encourages you to add photos to OSM

And these are 2 interesting Polish websites with photos,Wroclaw,Kosciol_Bozego_Ciala.html,Skyliner.html?najnowsze

I don’t like google maps. I also know that my photos work in some mobile applications.

Greetings !

If this edits were not discussed then it likely fall under category of “anyone may revert it, at any time, for any reason - solely for violating this rules”

Imports require permission also if done manually and inefficiently with iD.

“Import” is probably not the right word here. Its just the case of adding tags which not everyone finds useful, and splitting up roads and some other objects in order to do so.

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