Bike lane GPS tracking


I’m a mobile developer from eastern Europe and i’m trying to build an app that rewards bikers if they ride on the bikes lanes. I know how to generate a route for a biker but i have problem figuring out how to track if the person is on a bike lane or not. I think that open street map has this data but i don’t know how to get it. As you can see i’m pretty new to OSM :)
Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time.

I wonder whether current GPS devices and smartphones can give the precision required for this project. Those devices often have a precision above 3 meters, meaning that the cyclist could be riding on the main road instead of on the cycle lane/path next to it.

The best way to start using OpenStreetMap data (which has in many places separately drawn cycleways, but not always), is to start reading

Thanks for the reply. I found the graphhopper route planer and it gives we what i need. Just hope my project is a hit. :slight_smile: Thanks.