Bigmap png empty


I “create” (adjust the scale, the borders) a map to hitchhikke in september with bigmap.
When it was ready I click on “perl”
Then I dowload strawberry perl and type the script perl > mymap.png
It create a new png but instead of my map, the png is empty.
His size is 0 octets. When I open it, a message said : it’s impossible to open because it’s an empty file.
It start again the script and it was the same.
Is there a maximum size to do a png with bigmap?
(I have 70 x 48 tiles. I did a part of Poland and Czech Republic)
Where is the problem?

Thank you for your help.


what map source did you use exactly?

I saw a menu to choose some sources … but for example the osmarender based “tiles@home” is deprecated, if I am not wrongly informed.

I didn’t change the original source. I think it was mapnik. Is there a problem with this source?

I have the same problem with Bigmap 2, just recieving an empty png. I could do it with exported png function of maperitive but because of bad cpu power on my laptop I would prefer bigmap. How can I get it work?

The Final goal is printing This Map of Scandinavia in relatively high resolution.

In ActivePearl it shows in a line of many (each tile I think) “… 200 OK”

and the png i get is empty… but in the generated map under the link above, the data is there and I can see the Map like I want it printed. I can click/copy/save a single tile.

So is the problem the Perl script? Does anybody know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance