Bigger fonts in mapnik styles


I tried to double the size of all fonts of all TextSymbolizers of the standard OSM mapnik style. In most cases this works fine. But in some cases the text gets clipped as show here:

Any idea why?


Hi Dirk,
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If you’re using a python script for rendering, please look for a line like this:

mm.buffer_size = 128

and change the value to 256 or higher.


Hi Markus.

I do not use a python script but Tirex. But you gave the correct hint with the “buffer size”. It is also possible to change the buffer size in the map tag of the XML file. I set that to 768 and now it seems to work fine.



I am generating the map of south asia using mapnik. but when i check the map most of the fonts which are not in english letter , not supported.

Thanks in advance.

Enable the unifont lines in your inc/ file.

Perhaps I should just make that the default in svn. The unifont fontset has been bundled with mapnik ever since 0.7.0 or so.