BIG question about reverse geocoding


I’m trying to get reverse geocoding for my small firm with GPS tracking for vehicles. The idea is to have an server that updates the entries from my database- it takes them and updates them with the street name at a given period(like 1 minute, or two).
So I need the streets(from Romania), or an server to feed the streets(the costs at an service that does that is minimum 4-5000 Euro/year and I don’t need all the streets from my country).

Please give me an idea how to do that. I’ve tried until now with navteq but it keeps blocks my account(the limit is about 10000 transactions daily, and I barely use 2000-3000), but perhaps they see that there is an server(bot) that requests daily streets from my account.

So now I ask you guys, how can I do that with the support of OSM, in a “green” manner - without disturbing nobody by my server requests :).

Is it any way to do that with OSM using javascript and PHP ?

Thank you very much for Your attention and answers and also excuse my bad grammar.

Regards, Andreew.

There several things you can try, one is osm Name finder where you can zoom in somewhere and then press “where am I” and get some kind of data. I don’t know if this is enough for you to creat something on your own. You can always ask the creator David Earl or osm name finder on the wiki

Also it would be very helpfull if you would donate the resulting GPX traces to openstreetmap

You should also consider having a local name finder, it might be harder to set up for you but if you just want local data for Romania it’s going to be 100x faster.

Ok, let me ask: Did someone manage to make reliable reverse geocoding with this ?

I figure something like this: based on the downloaded OSM database and with an service like Osm Name Finder.

Or somebody has an better suggestion ? I’ve checked Name Finder , but still don’t manage to see if is possible to actually get Street names based on the coordinates from downloaded OSM database.

I mean, all what I need is an example of OSM+PHP or OSM+XML+PHP or OSM+JAVA, because still is a bit hard to make something only starting from Name Finder. ( Or I don’t see the full potential there? )

And a big YES, I will donate resulting GPX traces to openstreetmap. At least this.

Thanks again,

What have you looked at, have you tried looking through the Name finder PHP source code? Is it really impossible to get what you want from it?