Bi-lingual address tagging

Hi all,

I have a place for which I have both Thai and Latin addresses. I’ve mapped the Thai and I assume that I have to append



addr:district:en=Don Tan

Is this correct? Is there an easier way than to enter all those tags manually?

The place in question is:


He Peter,

That is what others seem to do, example Willi2006.

Auto Hot Key is one way to make repetitive entries, but it’s hard (for non geeks) to set up and to remember just what the shortcuts are. I write all the stuff I use often on a page of Notepad and keep it open. It’s easy to copy what you need, then paste it.


Many thanks for confirming that I am on the right track.

Agreed. Adding the “:en” suffix is the approach I use all the time. Tom got me into using Autohotkey a couple of years ago and since then it has saved me thousands of keystrokes on stuff like provincial abbreviations and place names using Thai characters. Because those characters are hard to type correctly, inputting them is error prone - AHK makes errors much less likely. Indeed, AHK is so handy I use it as a spelling corrector too for the common typos I make.

The other method I use is to create custom presets that offer both variants of the name, or sometimes three variants:
name (in Thai)
name:th (in Thai)
name:en (in English

In addition: For a list of provincial abbreviations (which appear on tertiary route ref tags in Thailand, e.g., ชม. 3009) see a post by Mishari on Facebook in the Thai OpenStreetMap group: where he provides an Excel doc containing all of them. Here is the link to that sheet on Google Docs: After incorporating them into my AHK script they’ve been an immense help. When I want to invoke a prefix I merely type “cm…” (without the quotes) and AHK expands that to ชม. (for Chiang Mai, where I do much of my mapping) The two trailing dots are just my method of preventing AHK from automatically triggering when I type “cm” in other contexts.


Here is an alternative that I have used for some time: I use a clipboard manager, that saves what I have copied. I use a hot key to get a list of recent copies, from where I can pick what to paste. If I know a substring of what I need I just start typing and it filters them. Now, I simply copy the road number with abbreviation from an existing road, paste it in and change the number. Dead easy and no hot keys to remember (except for the one). I think it also has a macro facility like AHK, but I have so far not bothered to read the manual. :wink:

Thanks for all your feedback.
Cheers, Peter.