Better page title

At the moment, the title for the main landing page, which is visible in the browser tab + window title (and probably in search results as well) is “OpenStreetMap Community - OpenStreetMap Community”. This seems a little redundant.

Looking at what other communities are doing, it seems like the second part is meant to be a brief description of the site. For example, has “Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse”.

So I’m suggesting to either drop the second part, or replace it with something more descriptive such as “Official discussion forum for OSM”.


It seems that only happens in the main page right? These are the current settings

So I suspect we would have to just change the last two into a nice description. Suggestions? :slight_smile:

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Perhaps “For OpenStreetMap discussions” - I think we should avoid the word “forum” (at least for now) if both the existing forum and help sites are moving here in case it causes any confusion.

I’ve removed the duplication on the home page and added a brief description for the meta tag. Let me know if this works for you.


I disagree. It will drastically help people to find this forum if “forum” appears in the site title.

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I recently created a wiki userbox for this discussion forum. I didn’t know what to call the site. I finally called it “OpenStreetMap Community forum”, taking the name that appears in the site title and adding “forum” to it.


I tend to agree, but it does touch a broader question: What do we call this site? At the moment, the “OpenStreetMap community forum” name seems to be used in a few places. (I’ve also used “community forum” as the wiki page title.)

Once there is a bit of a consensus, it would probably be worth standardizing the name elsewhere. For example, the Community Index currently links this site by the name of the software, i.e. “Discourse”, which strikes me as pretty bad for discoverability.

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I would suggest naming it “OpenStreetMap forum”, once the migration of the old forum gets completed. “Community” would reflect in a more generic place, like a portal, and not specifically a forum. Personally, I call it “forum” or “new forum” to distinguish it from the FluxBB.