Best way to update building polygons from points

In working with HOT task #1357 I came across lots of buildings as points only.
I added polygons, some of which contained the previous added points.
JOSM gives a warning.
Here is a small residential area with the issue.

How should I correct the warning?


You do not say what the warning is, but I assume both the old node and the polygon now have a building=… tag. Remove that tag from the node.

When I remove the tag building=yes from the node then the error is: No tags - Unconnected nodes without physical tags

I assume this error is the one you referred to in your original posting. You either need to delete the nodes, or merge them into the outline.

Personally, I would try to retain the original node as a relevant features of the building, moving it if necessary. My preference, if that information is available, is to make it the main entrance of the building. I prefer that so that any reference to the node will still produce a reasonable result.