Best way to display regional/global maps?

I’m trying to turn a regional/state level map to a reasonably sized .svg file. I’m currently taking the .osm file straight into Maperative and running a simple ruleset to get the look I want. The file size I’m exporting is currently enormous; I’m assuming because of many minor roads that are drawn but not displayed. Is there a solution to this in Maperative, or is there an easy way to filter out minor roads (road minor : @isOneOf(highway,residential,unclassified,living_street,construction,service)) of the .osm file I’m working with or other items that likely cause the bulk of the file size?

Thanks for any help in advance or for pointing me in the right direction.

Believe I may have fixed this on my own for a temporary solution… changed the zoom/display rules around. Would still be interested if someone has an “easy” way to remove all of certain highways in the .osm file so I can manipulate larget files in Maperative.

Thanks again!

Osmosis will do it, but I find osmfilter easier to use (not least because its a single program) and this definitely fits the bill for your needs: