Best practice for tagging business

Hi all,

I recently started mapping the downtown of my local area using JOSM. I noticed you can tag both buildings and points of interest with business names, websites, contact numbers, etc. Is it best to label business by tagging the building shape, or add an additional point of interest at the same location as the building and tag that? I’m interested to know if there is a difference of opinion. Thanks!

I used to place the tags for the POIs on the building shape when the POI occupied the whole building. However, I stopped doing that so I will never have conflicts between a building name and POI name, a building start_date and a POI start_date, etc.

I also have the impression that it is easier to change the POI-related tags when the POI closed down and a new one opens in the same building when the POI tags are on a separate node inside the building.

If its a building dedicated to a single business, i just tag it on the building. If it is just one of many businesses or one business and some flats above, for example, i tag the adress on the building and the business as POI (including the adress, yes, its duplicate on purpose in this case).