Best practice for entering residential road names

I’m new to OSM. I’m visiting Jakarta and started updating the maps around the vicinity of where I am staying. It’s a residential complex. The question I have is how I should be entering the road names. Most road names are not unique. They can appear in multiple areas, multiple provinces.

back to my area specifically:
The residential area is Mekarsari Permai
An example of a road name within this area is Jl Teratai
This is within a larger area known as Mekarsari

Question is how do I enter the address so that a user of OSM can enter multiple values so that they can find the specific road?

I created an open space and named it. Interestingly enough, when I searched OSM for that open space, the search engine returned the name of the space, appended with the adjacent road name. Since I didn’t know specify that, I want to know how the system did that?

Make the name tag just contain Jl Teratai, using the script or scripts used on the road signs (which appears to be the Latin script).

Add place or boundary=administrative entities, with appropriate admin_levels for Mekarsari Permai and Mekarsari, mapping them as points (places only), unless you have a sufficiently reliable source for the actual boundaries that has acceptable copyright licensing.

Add is_in tags to both roads and places. You may need the is_in: form of the tag, as Mekarsari seems to be ambiguous. with the existing references being to villages. See <> for a Mekarsari with that form of is_in tag.

Note that if you are able to give the actual administrative boundary, is_in is not needed for the road, as Nominatim will assume is_in for the containing boundary.

If Indonesia has has a post code system, you may also add postal_code= to the road, as postal districts and administrative boundaries can differ. You would need to check on the conventions for Indonesia. In the UK the post code is in two parts, and only the first part is used in qualifying road names.

Finally, individual buildings may be tagged with addr:*= tags to give the official address, normally the postal address.

Thanks. Let me digest that. For a start. I traced all road within a precinct - Mekasari RT01 RW 12. A neighbouring area is RW016 etc. I believed this is the logical grouping. Anyway, let me read more of your response and see how I can update this accordingly.


If this is any help, this is the area I updated

Currently there aren’t enough Jl Delima’s that “Jl Delima, Mekarsari” doesn’t find it. However, although Mekarsari claims to be in a county, called Cimanggis, the only place with that name is another village:, so “Jl Delima, Mekarsari, Cimanggis” doesn’t return anything.

As there is no explicit is_in on Jl Delima, it is matching it to Mekarsari simply because it is the nearest place already mapped.

Cimanggis claims Bojong Gede is the county, however, there seems to be no such place at all on the map, only a railway station.

In case you are having trouble finding it, the place entry for your Mekarsari is

The claimed region of Kota Depok also doesn’t appear to be on the map.