Best practice for combined amenities? (Police/Municipal Bldg)

I’m a new OSM editor. A town manager ( ‘Borough’ since it’s Pennsylvania ) has asked if I could add a label ‘Municipal Building’ to the feature currently labeled Police Department. This situation must be very common in small cities/towns. What is best practice/advice for tagging and naming combined amenities in a single building?

I think the building should be tagged as building=civic and within its outline you can add amenities as points: amenity=police, office=government and other

On top of the above answer, what municipal service does it provide? You could consider building=office instead if it’s mainly back-office with less public service.

The site (including carpark and everything around it in the lot) would be landuse=institutional (I don’t like landuse=civic_admin).

Thank you both for the advice.
– Dave