Best practice: add new level boundaries

Hello, Mozambique has several administrative divisions. I know the tags and the order of boundaries. My question to all is about the process, for instance, in JOSM:

  1. What boundaries should I download?
  2. Do we share boundaries, split them in pieces so I can add the next division below?
  3. Do I have to remake the upper relations because I split the boundaries?

Mozambique is divided like this:

  • Zones
  • Provinces
  • Districts
  • Postos Administrativos

Any ideas would be appreciate - last thing I want is to dupliace information!


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  1. Seen single boundary member line sections used in a dozen boundary relations i.e. draw once, split where smaller areas start and create boundary relations for those. ( I only do this for boundaries and do not make them share landuse/landcover outlines as when those change you’d be moving boundaries too.)
  2. No, when cutting up the boundary relations members are transparently split, just get more members. Best to do this with JOSM and the relation toolbox plugin attached.

On 1) Importing is always a touchy subject as it has to be properly licensed.

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