Best GPS navigator for OSM and propietary maps

Hello all

I want to buy a simple GPS navigator for driving and outdoors in general (mountain).

I would like to use OSM maps but also proprietary in case of areas not well covered by OSM yet.

Which are the options available ?

I have read that Garmin could serve but TomTom not at all.


Outdoor GPS equipment is dominated by Garmin. There are a lot of suitable devices which are rugged, waterproof which you’ll probably need. The GPSMap 60CS(x) is a good one, but so are many others. Two things to keep in mind: a color screen is handy as is a micro-SD card slot.

Thank you Lambertus

It seems really very complete and complying it all: driving, outdoors and cartography (navigating but also registering for OSM Project :)).

Best regards