Best editor for the iPhone (for doing live updates while walking)

Just made an account here yesterday and started fixing up roads in my neighborhood and in my city that were wrong, and I think I’m already hooked. I did all this in the browser on my computer though, and I would love to be able to take a walk down some streets and get live GPS data from my iPhone while editing the map so that it’s 100% correct.

I found iLOE and POI+, but none of those seem very good. Are there any other great apps for the iPhone that would make this easier?

Also, I know Apple uses OpenStreetMaps for their maps, but do they regularly pull in new data? Meaning, if I update something, will it be reflected in their mapping service at some point?

What about!! ??

I can’t find that anywhere in the App Store.

List of iOS apps with OSM editing features on the wiki: IOS#OpenStreetMap editing features

Pushpin OSM is under very active development at the moment. I’ve been recommending that to people, but looks like I should have a play with ‘Go Map!’. It’s the only one with geometry editing capabilities according to that list.

“Go Map!!” doesn’t seem to be available in the App Store. I’ve searched both in the Norwegian and in the US store, as well as a Google search.

Go Map!! is now available in the App Store
see link in!!