Berliner Roof


the FOSSGIS was in Berlin - well to my question.

In Lübeck and many other cities old buildings have a “Berliner Dach” (

I think it would be very important to define a generell roof for this.

regards Jan :slight_smile:

Add: i see some buildings where the roof is 2 level high !

That part can be expressed with roof:levels = 2

It seems the Berliner Dach doesn’t match any S3DB roof shape, though. It might be worthwhile to invent a value for such roofs, but stay as generic as possible. Perhaps it could be described as a flat top roof with additional parameters?

Hello Lübeck,
Berliner Dach is a part of my which was a basis for creating of S3DB.
See there type 3.0 and 3.1
This shape is very pupular in whole Europe and I think it sohould be added to the S3DB
Please ask Kendzi. I believe he has already been added this shape.

Kendzi3d support roof type 3.0. I could add name for it, but in translation table it is currently named as “saltbox”. I would like to know if “berliner“ is only german name for “saltbox” roof or that are different roof types?

I’m currently using that default values:

ridge location (from front) = 20% * bbox.height
front angle = 60 degrees
back angle = 10 degrees

Hello Kendzi,
saltbox is more international. Berliner Dach is common german name let´s use international description. I’ve added a note with information about it for german mappers in the translation table.

Any tag suggestions for setting the H1, H2, L1, L2 parameters?

As saltbox on that wiki page you choose that shape:

But on wiki page of S3DB as saltbox someone choose that shape:

Please make this consistent.

Some proposal:
roof:ridge:distance = [ distance of ridge from front of building in meters ]
roof:angle:front = [ degrees ]
roof:height:front = [ meters ]
roof:angle:back = [ degrees ]
roof:height:back = [ meters ]

Thank you Kendzi for yur attention!
I have changed it in:
3.0 half_saltbox*
3.1 saltbox*

I hope it is ok now.