Belgium - Correct Too Short Highways

Hello OpenStreetMap Belgium,

Today I am notifying a new small challenge to help fix short highway segments for smoother routing, navigation and better data! Belgium - Correct Too Short Highways: MapRoulette
This TomTom challenge focuses on identifying and correcting short highway segments in Belgium. These short segments can cause issues with:

  • Navigation: Confusing and inaccurate driving directions.
  • Data Analysis: Skewed results for traffic patterns and routing.
  • Map Appearance: Messy and cluttered map display.
    More details and resources are available on the challenge page, but yet if you still have any inquiries, I will be more than happy to answer.

Hallo OpenStreetMap België,

Vandaag wil ik een nieuwe kleine challenge op MapRoulette aankondigen om te helpen bij het corrigeren van te korte segmenten van wegen voor soepelere routing en navigatie.
Belgium - Correct Too Short Highways: MapRoulette TomTom-uitdaging richt zich op het identificeren en corrigeren van te korte wegensegmenten in België. Deze korte segmenten kunnen problemen veroorzaken met:

  • Navigatie: Verwarrende en onnauwkeurige rijrichtingen.
  • Gegevensanalyse: Vertekende resultaten voor verkeerspatronen en routing.
  • Kaartweergave: Rommelige en onoverzichtelijke kaartweergave. Meer details en bronnen zijn beschikbaar op de challenge-pagina, maar als je nog vragen hebt, beantwoord ik die graag. Met vriendelijke



Bonjour OpenStreetMap Belgique,

Aujourd’hui nous lançons un nouveau petit défi pour aider à corriger les tronçons routiers trop courts afin d’améliorer la qualité des itinéraires proposés, de la navigation et des données ! Belgique - Corriger les tronçons routiers trop courts : MapRoulette
Ce défi TomTom se concentre sur la détection et la correction des tronçons routiers trop courts en Belgique. Ces tronçons courts peuvent causer des problèmes avec :

  • La Navigation : Des indications de conduite confuses et imprécises.
  • L’Analyse des données : Résultats faussés pour les modèles de circulation et les itinéraires.
  • L’Apparence de la carte : Affichage désordonné et confus de la carte.
    Plus de détails et de ressources sont disponibles sur la page du défi, mais si vous avez encore des questions, je serai plus que ravi d’y répondre.

Bien cordialement,

I would be carefully here. This task is by far easy and if relations are involved it is probably only a task for experts. In fact the description of the task does not even mention relations, so far.

I took a random look at two examples and both are correct tagging and the short ways are correct:

  • Way: 542939854 | OpenStreetMap is a short bridge. Maybe it is not at the exact position but it is not possible to combine the way with one of its adjutant ways.
  • Way: ‪Mechelseweg‬ (‪20445360‬) | OpenStreetMap is a short way between a bridge and an intersection. This is a common situation if mapped in detail as the intersection is not directly at the end of the bridge but some meters beyond. Looking at the route relations there is nothing to do as some relations split at the intersection. In fact, the way misses some memberships and relations are broken but that is not part of the task.

Now, I wonder how you find these ways. I would have expected to get short ways which have identical tags and memberships with one of the adjacent ways but that is obviously not the case and I fear atm you list a lot of false positives.

Please, take a step back and rethink about the task. Thanks.


I had a look at a few cases, and I had no false positives. Even the bridge you mention does warrant a review. I’d say these cases are pretty good, but I would agree that they are probably not of “normal” difficulty. Especially with relations, things can become quite complicated.

EDIT: there’s only 31 tasks, something we can easily ask our core mappers to do. It might make sense to hide this task for regular MapRoulette users and just let us at promote it internally.


@sbaido: Well, your challenge did already lead to details being deleted, see Changeset: 153842535 | OpenStreetMap. I fixed it with Changeset: 154018960 | OpenStreetMap but it tells us, that your description of the challenge is incomplete and your query needs to be fixed. Until then, please, make the challenge invisible.

Hello @skyper
I will make the challenge undiscoverable till further notice. will come back soon on this matter.

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