Beginning question: tourism=hotel + name=POI name (ex: Hilton) or tourism=hotel + name=POI name (ex: Hotel Hilton)

Hi please help me in understanding the tagging when having hotels, restaurants, mall etc. When you check the websites of the bussiness the names of them are not for exemple “Anaconda” but “Anaconda Mall”, or not “Ibis” but “Hotel Ibis”.
So what is the best approach when creating this kind of POIs.

I encountered both cases in OSM.

Thank you!

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There is no one single rule, so you will probably get different opinions, and per-country practice may vary. However, the key principle is codified in Wiki entry Name is the name only, the salient point being:

“Manchester City” : (for a city named Manchester, do not add a descriptive City; however note that New York City may be correct as the common name for The City of New York)

Even more general, the principle of Verifiability states that we should map what we see on the ground, and in most cases that means “what is signposted”. However, in many cases, there’s a gray area, since the attributive (object type) often accompanies the name proper but in a different visual style, different row, or similar, so it’s not straightforward to determine whether it constitutes a part of the name. See the very example you mentioned:

Personally, whenever in doubt I remove the attributive from the name, since it’s usually redundant and just clutters the map – I ruthlessly shorten amenity=kindergarten; name=Kindergarten "Bambi"– with all that quote marks! – to name=Bambi.

You can also use the brand or operator tags in addition to the name tag to record the ˇbrand¨ of the hotel chain. The Name Suggestion Index contains lots of brands like this, and includes things like brand:wikidata or brand:wikipedia tags. Software editors which add things from that will include these tags.

I think that if “Hotel” is part of the name that should be in the name tag in OSM. The hard part is know when it’s part of the name or not, and maybe receipts or website information could be a good point to find the correct name.