Beginners Qsns

Hi all, I am just beginning with development with OSM data. There are a few queries which, if clarified, will help:

  1. To begin with, where do I find the detailed API usage document? I came across this endpoint - in a stackoverflow thread, but I’m not able to find it in the main homepage or any link to the docs either. Where do I find such endpoint examples documented?

  2. Is there a way to figure out how popular a particular place is through OSM data? If it doesn’t come out of the box, could anyone provide an algorithm (with the relevant API endpoints please - I’m not able to find any documented example), that can be used to measure the popularity of a place? For instance, we can use the number of Google reviews as a measure if we use GMaps data. So, for instance if there are more than 10k reviews then the place can be assumed to be a significant popular place.

  3. Again an endpoint question - How to find the POIs of a state or region (Another way of asking what’s the correct endpoint and api :D)? For example I want to know if there’s an equivalent endpoint for the GMaps endpoint - ‘<YOUR_API_KEY>’, which provides the POIs of Bangalore.

That’s pretty much all for now.

OSM is not really like googlemaps. It is a primarily a database of mapping data, and such api’s as there are are for editing and gathering data. However others can download the data and offer it again with whatever api’s they wish to provide and also investigate the derivative data providers.

And this is a low traffic India specific forum. You may want to ask the question in the Questions and Answers forum.