Basic Help

I have a Nokia 810 and am useing mamomapper. I am basicaly mapping all of Belmopan Belize. I can add traces to the site but don’t know how to app POI, I have em but don’t know how to add em. I see that the traces I"m adding arent reflected on the main map either, though I see them on my added traces adn they are marked as public. Also Dangria is listed as Gangria and I don’t know how to fix that. Also Iv’t tried to post a large trace of most of town but it never complets says pending then disapears with no indication of why.

To me it looks like you have one trace which has sucessfully uploaded, but no edits to the map. The traces are there to guide people as to location of things when adding features to have map.

Having created the trace (and uploaded it) the next step is to edit the map. This can be done online using Potlatch (click the edit tab on the website) or using an offline editor like JOSM. I use JOSM so can’t really comment on Potlatch. With JOSM you download the data for your area. You can also download GPS traces (there are a number in your area) and/or open your own GPS trace. You then draw the road over the top of the GPS trace.

The final map broadly consists of points (known as nodes) and ways (which connect the nodes). A road is a series of connect nodes. A point of interest is a single node. You then apply tags (eg. amenty=bench) to indicate what type of POI the node is. The editors allow you to set the tags on the nodes/ways. If something has the wrong name (eg. Gangria) then look for the name tag and change its value (to Dangria).

If you use JOSM to edit the map you then need to upload the changes and (after a bit) will they show up in the main map.

I have a large trace that only goes in quene then disappears. Is there a way for Josm ot reconize the POIs I in the file itself.

JSOM can open the trace itself and overlay it on data you’ve downloaded from OpenStreetMap. You should then be able to edit the OpenStreetMap data and upload the changes.

Another option would be to try breaking to GPS trace up into smaller parts. JSOM has a plugin which can edit GPS traces (although I’ve had a bit of trouble with that plugin recently). You might though have more success with software like Viking or GPX_Editor which are available on the net. These can split the traces into smaller parts. OpenStreetMap might then have more success import a smaller trace.