Basic GIS tooling

I have a simple GEOJSON file with 25000 points, biodiversity data. I tried , but it’s much too big for it.
I tried josm, but it’s unable to open GEOJSON.
I tried ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON out.osm in.geojson but it does not work.
My data come from a Shapefile file, saved as GEOJSON in QGIS. But I find QGIS too complex for my simple usage: show points with tooltips, possibly filtering on feature.

There’s a geojson plugin at , but unfortunately it has not been integrated into the JOSM plugin lists and will require much additional work to use.

I’m still lost ; I tried

ogr2ogr -f OSM out.osm Reyrieux9.nom_taxon.geojson 
ERROR 1: OSM driver does not support data source creation.

I also tried this:

ogr2ogr -f GPX out.gpx --config GPX_USE_EXTENSIONS YES Reyrieux9.nom_taxon.geojson
ERROR 6: Field of name 'nom_taxon' is not supported in GPX schema. Use GPX_USE_EXTENSIONS creation option to allow use of the <extensions> element.

but this could not absorb my field.

I regularly open Geojson in JOSM. Only last night I opened a file with nearly 200k points. I suspect you may need the OpenData plugin which is what I have installed.

The only caveat of which I’m aware is that your Geojson should be in WGS84 (EPSG:4326) to ensure things work properly.