bash script to simplify upload and managment of traces

I have writen a bash script that will simplify the management of traces, I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in using it.

It’s currently nearing alpha, and works… most of the time.

once finished, it will do the following:

  1. you give it a file or directory as a commandline arg (or have a standard one preset) for the new gps data
  2. it takes all txt files found there, backs them up, moves them out to a temp directory
  3. parses them into a single file per date period (selectable as day, week, month, year, etc)
  4. applies gpsbabel quality filters
  5. applies area exclusions so you don’t publish the small cloud on top of your house and work for privacy
  6. stores the data in a repository on your disk in an easilly accessable single file per date period
  7. uploads all fresh data to the OSM server

It happilly filters duplicate data so no harm is done by importing the same data twice.

It has no understanding of multiple devices – if it gets to files from the same time period, it will mash them together sorting by time, removing duplicates by position (if i recall, not tested) – if you have 2 devices, if may be posible to run 2 separate instalations, it would be a bit of a mess though.

my questions:
A) would anyone here be interested in using it?
B) can anyone sugest any further features that would make them more interested?
C) is it worth the extra effort (i’m already close) to tidy it up so it’s easilly distributable?
D) background: how much of a pain does everyone else find trace managment?
E) any idea what I should call it, I’m running low on name inspiration.

(and for the record, it will be open source)