BaseCamp doesn't recognize map when Family ID is changed by JaVaWa

I installed a map in Garmin’s default folder, C:\Garmin\Maps, with the default name of Openfietsmap Lite. I then used JaVaWa to move it to the another folder and rename it. (I did this to prevent Garmin from deleting the installation when I installed another map.)

It opened with no problem in BaseCamp with the new name. However if I then used JaVaWa to change the Family ID from the default 20011 to another ID (184), BaseCamp no longer recognized it. I haven’t had this problem in the past and wonder if anyone has any suggestions.

I found the answer, I think, to my question at (I’d delete this post except that I can’t find how to do it.)

Glad you found the answer yourself, but what was the reason it didn’t work? Was that ID already in use by another map?