Barriers with narrow passages that let people pass, but not cattle

Hello all!

I’m trying to find out what is the right way to tag a barrier with a narrow passage, usually triangular in plan, that lets humans pass through, but prevents cattle from doing so – one like this (full page) or this.

Sometimes, such passages are alongside with a Hampshire gate, a swing gate which might be normally locked or unlocked (like here or here), or a cattle grid.

The closest thing I can see in Key:barrier page on OSM wiki is “kissing gate”, but it doesn’t really fully match (in particular, it’s said in Wikipedia that a kissing gate has “hinged gate trapped between its [enclosure’s] arms”, but the type of gate I’m talking about doesn’t have any moving parts at all).

P.S.: I’m actually not even sure what’s the correct/specific name for this type of passage. I think it’s usually referred to as “cattle gate” (שער בקר), but this name is also used for Hampshire gates and cattle grids.


I figured out that Barrier=kissing_gate is the closest thing, but I usually just map these as barrier=gate motor_vehicle=no…

I usually use barrier=stile

Harel M, zstadler, thanks for your replies. After reading through Tag:barrier=stile, it looks to me like the following tagging fits perfectly:


So, I’ll use that in the future.

Would you mind me adding it to as well? This feature is very common on walking / hiking paths in Israel, and I haven’t seen it properly tagged.