barrier=plant_container instead of a bollard

If a barrier is a plant_box plant_container instead of a bollard is used, how to tag that ? →

Depends what you mean by plant_box. :slight_smile: If you mean one of the many large plant containers shown on then in English they’re usually known as “planters.” I think it’s a very bad name for such things, and may be a shortened form of “planter boxes” (which is almost as bad). But my opinions count for nothing here, and they’re usually known as planters (even though I die inside a little every time I hear it).

Given that, you can go to taginfo at, put in the key “barrier” and see what people have used. That should take you to and from there you can inspect the values. Search the values for strings containing “plant” and you get 94 planter, 11 plants (must be very tough plants), 2 plant_bucket, 2 plant and 1 planter_box. Looks like “planter” is the most commonly used.

After some discussion here I went with man_made=planter for some that were used decoratively rather than as barriers.

So if you go with barrier=planter there probably won’t be too many disagreements.

I mean such thing →

which i already asked as a traffic calming here

but this time it is (recently) ‘set’ there to be used as a ‘bollard-function’ .
and the word ‘planter’ is in my language , somebody who plants plants … :stuck_out_tongue:
My opinion ; barrier = plant_box plant_container is as simple as that, but my opinion counts also for nothing here.

thx for answering Brian :wink:

My language too (I’m English). But marketing people speak their own language, and they gave us planters.

Planter is in common usage, despite what you and I think. I’m old enough to remember when we would have called it a plant pot. Maybe a big plant pot. Or a flower pot if it was for flowers. But it’s now called a planter, because marketing.

BTW, OSM does make things simple. It prefers British English for tags and values. Even if British English has been invaded by marketing speak. :slight_smile:

I am not ‘a go-with-the-flow’ , so i stick to barrier = plant_box plant_container . :stuck_out_tongue:
And i did a proposal at the tagging mailing list →

Seeing the elements in the picture, they seems more like a traffic_calming element than a barrier.

How they should be mapped then, as barrier= or as traffic_calming="?

Hi muralito .
That picture is only an ‘example’ from a place in the Netherlands,which i picked from internet.
The purpose of that foto is to show what i meant by the word ‘plant_box’ plant_container . :wink:

Here in Spain, “planters” are used either as barriers to create pedestrian streets, or as corner barriers to avoid cars parking on the sidewalk.
Is there a tag to map such corner barriers?

You probably mean ‘plant boxes’ ‘plant_containers’ instead of ‘planters’ . :wink:
And there should also be some ‘thinking’ about tagging the word ‘streetfurniture’ when there is no ‘traffic engaged’ , because more and more detailing in mapping has become possible due to high resolution aerial images… just my 2 cents …

I’d prefer ‘=plant_box’ or ‘=plant_container’ in as values for ‘barrier=’, ‘man_made=’ and ‘traffic_calming=’.
‘Planter’ is ambiguous, as it can also mean the ‘manager or owner of a plantation’ or ‘a machine or person that plants’.

I would use barrier=block, block=plant_box (“One or more large immobile block(s) barring free access along a way.”)

barrier=block is something else as a barrier=plant_box plant_container in my opinion. :wink:

Planters don’t have to be boxes. Cylindric ones for instance are quite common.

As are other shapes, I’ve seen hexagonal ones.

Planter is the common name in English, we should use that. We’re unlikely to be mapping plantation owners or planting machines in OSM.

As Brian de Ford also states ;

i ‘cringe’ also from ‘planter’ … and i changed ‘plant_box’ into ‘plant_container’ .
Also, if you read the English wikipedia on the word street_furniture , that ‘states’ that even bollards/firehydrants/waste containers/traffic signs/etc. are all ‘street furniture’ , yet, in OSM those ‘things’ have different taggings.

OK, i have changed the word ‘plant_box’ into ‘plant_container:wink: