barrier of value dirt mound

Here in the area I live it’s frequent to block village remote roads with dirt mounds sometimes with large rocks about 50cm high across the road to prevent the passage of vehicles. Pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles can still pass. I’m not finding a value that works for this. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hi Dan, what about debris or more spcific debris=blocks / earth or whatever. Please read these lines as well,

Seems there’s 1,888 uses of barrier=debris. I don’t know if it renders or not, but id go with that. The other option that seems to be used is barrier=mound, but it is has far less usage. Then id set the access to know for vehicles and call it a day. Adding material isn’t that important. There’s material=* tags out there, but it doesn’t matter much for barriers like mounds. I thinks its assumed they are made of some type of dirt/rocks.